Making Room for Imperfection

When I first conceptualized my website, it was to be very carefully curated. While originally Life, Styled was going to be a place to share my latest style inspiration–whether that be in clothing, home decor, food, or other– I quickly started doubting that others wanted to see into my lifestyle. So after spending countless hours trying to make my website exactly as I wanted it, it sat here, abandoned. And while Rambling & Brilliance has been at a standstill, my life has not.

At the beginning of January I sat on my bed, heart pounding, while my phone counted down 2 minutes. The pregnancy test sat face down on the bath tub ledge. I had decided to take it alone. I was fairly sure I was pregnant, and if I was, I wanted to tell Greg in a creative way. When my timer went off, I flipped over the test, and there it was: the big positive.

Now in my third trimester, I’m finding that there isn’t much room for perfection in my lifestyle. My body is changing daily and limiting my wardrobe (why aren’t there many cute maternity clothes?), my house is in a constant state of disaster, and all I have for the baby so far is a dresser. But I feel a pull now more than ever to take on projects that matter to me. And that starts here. This may not be the perfect website I dreamt of, with a matching Instagram feed that features photos with the perfect shades of white. But it’s mine to play with, and I’m a far cry from perfect anyways.

As we prepare to welcome our daughter we face a new set of challenges (outside of sleepless nights and not exactly knowing what we’re doing). While we had talked about starting a family I don’t think either of us dreamt that it would happen as quickly as it did. So now we are in our 700 square foot loft condo arranging and re-arranging and doing our best to prepare.

There is no second bedroom for a nursery. In fact our one and only bedroom doesn’t even have walls. We began house hunting as we thought we should do when you start  family, and what you think would be exciting quickly became a nightmare. If you’re on the beautiful west coast you can probably guess why– the real estate market is booming, and not in a good way for younger couples looking for a family home. The few houses that seemed to fit a lot of our needs needed extensive renovations, the cost of which bumped them out of our budget. Or, other couples saw the potential too and bidding wars erupted.

So we’re going to stay in our beloved condo and embrace our limited space. It isn’t perfect, and to be honest the shade of beige that’s been on our walls since 2008 makes me cringe, but I am excited about making changes to make it the home we want for our baby–nursery or not. After all it’s what I have to work with, and I’d rather embrace what I do have instead of being paralyzed by what’s lacking.

I have no idea what’s going to happen when this baby arrives, so please send advice… or diapers. In the mean time, I’ll be updating Life, Styled with things like my home projects, attempts at pregnancy style and whatever else comes my way, guaranteed to be imperfect just like our little life. Thank you for joining!


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